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31 Aug – 12 Sep, 2017

बृं देवगुरु बृहस्पतये नमः
bṛṁ devaguru bṛhaspataye namaḥ
Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course
Himalaya Class Dates: 31st Aug – 12th Sep, 2017 (13 days)
Arrival: On or before 30th Aug, 2017
Venue: Neelesh Inn, Bhim Tal, Uttarakhand, India

Students are encouraged to participate in the Himalaya Contact classes as there is no real substitute to learning directly from the guru. In addition to the lessons, some mantra initiations are also done during these classes which enable you to be a perfect jyotiṣa paṇḍita.
Please note that students opting for certification will have to participate in the contact classes for one week (at least) in the third (Jyotisa Pandita) academic year i.e. PJC Year-3.
Venue: Contact Classes are held at Bhimtal, Kumaon, Himalayas annually in September/October.
Mr. Neelesh Gunwant
Mandir Marg, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
05942 247 117, 248-080, 248-081
Email: Mr. Nirmal Broad or Call “Neema” +91 9837323865
How to Reach Bhimtal
Travel by train from Delhi to Kathgodam. There are 3 trains from Delhi to Kathgodam which are listed below. Bhimtal is 45 min by road from Kathgodam railway station. Contact Devaguru Brhaspati’s local taxi driver in the Himalayas, Nima at +91-9837323865 or email him at for arranging taxis.

From To Train Number and Name Timings
Anand Vihar Terminal Kathgodam 14012/ ANVT KGM AC EXP 06:00- 11:55
Delhi Kathgodam 15035/UTR SAMPRK K EX 16:00- 22:40
Delhi Kathgodam 15013/ RANIKHET EXP 20:40- 05:10
From To Train Number and Name Timings
Kathgodam Delhi 15036/ UTR SAMPRK K EX 08:50- 15:20
Kathgodam Anand Vihar Terminal 14011/ ANVT KGM AC EXP 15:45- 21:20
Kathgodam Delhi 15014/ RANIKHET EXP 20:40- 03:55

Travel by road from Delhi to Bhimtal. It is a 7-8 hr drive if you leave early morning. Very pleasant and recommended. Contact Devaguru Brhaspati’s local taxi driver in the Himalayas, Nima at +91-9837323865 or email him at for arranging taxis. Nima’s drivers can receive you at the Delhi airport/station and drive you directly to Bhimtal. Students may choose to pool together and share a car.

The schedule of Himalaya Classes for PJC Year-3 is published below. It is possible that we may decide to shuffle some topics and dates. It depends on the number of slides finally made for each topic. We are aware that some of you are coming for just one part of the course. Recordings will be available along with slide PDFs. All those who are attending the Himalaya Class are requested to email Constant Support at and inform of their dates. If adequate rooms are not available, then you maybe asked to share one. It is advisable to give your preferences.

PJC Year-1 Himalaya Time Table
Date D 8am – 12pm 2pm – 3:30 pm Teacher 4 – 6 pm Q-A 8-9pm
31-08-2017 Thu Upadeśa SJR Lunch Avatāra TKV Pañcāṅga SJR TKV
01-09-2017 Fri Navagraha 301 MKG Navagraha 302 SBR Navagraha 303 SBR TKV
02-09-2017 Sat Navagraha 304 SBR Navagraha 305 SJR Aprakasa Graha TKV TKV
03-09-2017 Sun Upagraha TKV Naisargika Daśā MKG Prāṇapada SJR TKV
04-09-2017 Mon Rāśi SBR Rāśi SBR Dvādaśa Bhāva TKV TKV
05-09-2017 Tue Viśeṣa Lagna SJR Viśeṣa Lagna SJR Viśeṣa Lagna SJR MKG
06-09-2017 Wed
07-09-2017 Thu Rāśi Dṛṣṭi SBR Graha Dṛṣṭi MKG Graha Dṛṣṭi MKG SJR
08-09-2017 Fri Bhāva Judgment SBR Bhāva Chakra MKG Bhāva Chakra MKG SJR
09-09-2017 Sat Bhāveśa SJR Lagneśa SBR Mantreśa SBR MKG
10-09-2017 Sun Āyus SJR Varṇada SJR Varṇada Daśā SJR MKG
11-09-2017 Mon Sudarśana Chakra SJR Sutikā SBR Sutikā SBR MKG
12-09-2017 Tue Riṣṭa SJR Riṣṭa SJR Ariṣṭa SJR MKG
SJR Sanjay Rath
SBR Sarbani Rath
MKG Manoj Kumar Gupta
TKV Twinkle Vijaywargiya
Double Sharing is about Rs 1900/- Per person per day including all meals.
Single Sharing Rs.2800/- Per person per day. This is an approximate cost and is liable to change depending on your usage of other facilities like laundry, extra bites, saoft drinks, vehicles etc. You will be informed about this cost in advance to plan for the trip (pilgrimage) to the holy mountains. The cost includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-morning and evening tea, wireless internet and taxes. Participants accompanied by spouse can avail of this cheap facility for family/spouse as well.
Please book and pay directly to the hotel by getting in touch with Neelesh Gunwant at .
Kindly inform Sarbani Rath intent and number of family/spouse accompanying.
Bhimtal Branch
  • PayTo “Neelesh In”
  • A/c No. 404102000000082
  • IFSC Code: IBKL0000404
  • Haldwani Bhowali Road, BhimTalIN 263136
Axis Bank
Talli Haldwani
  • PayTo “Neelesh In”
  • A/c No. 584010200000268
  • IFSC Code: UTIB0000584
  • Bareilly Road, Haldwani 263139
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