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    I am copying some of the WhatsApp posts that were important. Request all of you to add as and when anything is posted on WhatsApp that needs to be recorded on the forum.

    1. Karakas:
      Venus eyes, Rahu lips
    2. The most imp bones in the body are teeth. Bones are ruled by Sun
    3. Long lustrous hair can show dignity of Ketu
    4. Onion is mars and garlic is ketu is what Guruji once mentioned.
    5. If you are Kshatriya you must eat meat. Lord Rama killed deer’s and other animals in forests and ate as per his Kshatriya dharma as he was a Rajan
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    Few more Posts from Guruji:

    There are many of us waiting at the ‘border’ of sansara and sannyasa …we are the border Ketu waiting for a Jupiter to pick us up and give us sannyasa. that will happen in another life when we are eligible for it. Thats why Jup +Ke = sannyasa or parampara yoga. this yoga brings us close to renunciation and also gives renunciation to others

    @Apoorv Pathak⁩ Every planet in 12H is not neshta. (1) A debilitated Rahu will destroy all hopes and give sannyasa or (2) an exalted Mars will ENFORCE brahmacharya …how would that sound for marriage. Judge the nature of the planet in keeping you in sansara. the more you give to nesta, the more you get in sansara.
    Try Bija Meditation as the offering for the nesta and pacify it under all circumstances, else your sleep and mental health will be disturbed

    No Kunal – one can and should do tapasya. You as a PJC student will also be doing so…what about your Ganaraja sadhana. Did you do that with full earnest? These are opportunities that one must not miss. Sannyasa is advanced state of the soul. Tapasya is the karma of the mind that the soul benefits

    [01/02 13:38] Guruji:  @⁨Nagu⁩ If Mars and Ketu are together or Saturn and Rahu are together, in any sign, then check for exaltation etc to determine the stronger. If they are equally strong like being in Scorpio (Ma, Ke) or Aquarius (Sa, Ra), then the one with the higher longitude is the stronger
    [01/02 13:39] Guruji: @⁨Kunal⁩ Max Power IN not OVER …In debility it aspects the exaltation sign and in exaltation it aspects the debility sign ..which is better?
    [01/02 13:40] Guruji: Ask Shri Rama and see how an exalted retro Saturn can make a person wear saffron robes or become a real sadhu
    [01/02 13:41] Guruji: Either way Saturn was so strong that Shani FORCED bhagavan to go to vanvas and have separation form his beloved Lakshmi …etc

    [01/02 06:03] Guruji: When we look at the charts whole day then we are actually doing ‘Sudarshan Dharana (concentration)’ provided you are drawing the chart in Sun-Chart or Sudarshan Chakra style. Make the effort and start using the Sudarshan Chakra for studying charts. Leave the Shukra and other charts
    [01/02 06:04] Guruji: Leave the Shukra and other charts for now. Once you get Sudarshana Chakra, you will get all charts including western. Look at me …I also see western wheel and convert them automatically in head into Sudarshan …at lightening speed
    [01/02 06:06] Guruji: K.N.Rao once mentioned the secret chakras of Odisha where his peon did a prasna about pregnancy very successfully …some day we will study those. But for now, its Parashara – a rock solid foundation


    Rahu and Ketu when exalted or debilitated are not like the other seven graha. Their drsti on their exaltation signs is not good. Remember Rahu-Ketu was one demon whose head was chopped off by Shri Vishnu. Hence Rahu hates Vishnu and Ketu simply destroys everything without hate …thereby undoing the sustenance of Vishnu. When they are exalted or aspect exaltation sign, they are having power like Vishnu and are yet not doing Vishnu’s work of sustenence. So its a false promise.

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    Hare Rama Krishna

    Supriya thanks for the effort



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    [13/02 13:19] Guruji: Ravana is a title, not a name. It is like VedaVyasa – Title, like ‘President’
    [13/02 13:20] Guruji: Ravana was given this Title as a mark of recognition when he added the annotations and ‘svara’ to the hymns of the Rk Veda. He was a topclass Vedic Scholar no doubt
    [13/02 13:21] Guruji: VedaVyasa Title was held previously by Parashara for another Yuga and for the present Yuga (Kali) it was his son Krsna-Dwaipayana who was given this title. One soul can hold this title for one yuga

    [13/02 13:22] ‪+91 94319 50475‬: Guru je what is symbolism behind 10 heads of Ravan .He was also named as “Dashnana”
    [13/02 13:24] Guruji: ‘anana’ means breathing and ‘aanana’ means face. Dasha is ten. He who has conquered all the ten directions of knowledge is dasha-aanana
    [13/02 13:24] Guruji: BUT with this great knowledge comes AHAMKARA where one thinks he has become Shiva!
    [13/02 13:25] Guruji: Then his demon side became strong
    [13/02 13:26] Guruji: That is why these heads could not be destroyed as PURE KNOWLEDGE is SHIVA and cannot be destroyed. His weakness was the navel …9th house

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    [20/03 17:42] Sarbani Madam: Shani in lagna in MKS. Not good. It will impact the dhi.
    [20/03 17:44] Sarbani Madam: But if Shani aspects the lagna, while Moon is in dusthana, there will be Brahmana Yoga. A child who has survived the balarishta and gone on to be a Brahmana- well versed in the scriptural and philosophical texts
    [20/03 18:09] Sarbani Madam: This yoga is a by product of the dusthana Chandra concept. When someone has survived balarishta and Shani, who happens to be the Karaka of 6, 8 and 12th houses- happens to aspect lagna- then a Brahmana Yoga is formed.

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    9th house Rahu are people who don’t trust easily. Always suspecting gurus, teachers, elders, temples , not a great believer of priests or going to temples. They won’t listen to their teachers and advisors. Depending on the chart they can turn against and back stab guru. It’s Rahu’s MKS position so what can you expect?

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    According to dharma shastras, if a brother cannot have a child then his sibling is compelled by dharma to give him the datta-putra i.e. his wife has to carry the seed of his brother to enable continuity of the lineage. We find this in the case of Brihaspati.

    Sage Angiras had seven sons and seven daughters with his wives. Angirasa’s five wives were Svadha, Smriti (the daughter of Daksha), Sati, Shraddha (Daughter of Kardama Muni) and Surupa (the only daughter of King Maruta, the wind god). Svadha acceped all the Pitrs as her sons and it is her moantra that is offered to the pitrs at the time of shraddha. Sati accepted the Atharva-Angira Veda (4th Veda) as her son as Smriti accepted the Upa-Vedas.
    Fourteen physical children were given by the remaining two wives Shraddha and Surupa. The children, not in order are –
    Sons: Brihat Keerti (Utathya), Brihat Jyoti (Samvarta), Brihat Brahma, Brihan Manas, Brihan Mantra, Brihat Bhanu, Brihaspati
    Daughters: Bhanumati, Raka, Sinee Vali, Ekaneka, Archishamati, Mahishmati, Mahamati

    Brihaspati had two wives.
    The first wife Shubha gave birth to seven daughters – Bhanumathi, Raaka, Archishmathi, Mahaamathi, Mahishmathi, Sinivalli and Havishmathi
    The second wife Tara gave birth to seven sons and one daughter
    His elder brother Utathya of the greatest extreme penance and renunciation could not bear a son to continue the lineage as the penance spoils the body. Brihaspati was required to impregnate his wife Mamta as required by the dharma shastra. Two datta-putra were born to Mamta – Kacha and Bharadwaja. These two datta-putra are very illustrious as have achieved great things for humanity. Kacha got the Mrityunjaya Sanjivini vidya from Sukracharya while Bharadwaj meditated with Atri to obtain Omkara – the seed syllable ‘OM’.

    These achievements of his sons Kacha and Bharadwaj added to the mighty reputation of Brihaspati and his penance at Prabhas Ksetra (Somanath Shiva) gave him the status of “Guru of the Devas”.

    However, in all this his wife Tara was unhappy as Brihaspati loved the sons of Mamta. Perhaps she wanted undivided attention for her seven sons. Then there is the episode of Chandra kidnapping Tara. Depending on the version, some say Tara eloped with Chandra while others say it was a case of kidnap. Lord Shiva decided that it was a kidnap case as Chandra was seeking shelter from Brihaspati on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi for 3 days etc. Chandra refused to return Tara (she was pregnant with his son) and a battle ensued with Chandra emerging victorious! However after Budha was born to Tara, she was returned to Brihaspati. The lion-hearted Brihaspati acceped Budha as his mighty son and taught him so well that he attained the status of a navagraha.

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