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    In the lectures about Lagnesha, I heard that if a planet is in its own sign, it means that there is a Tattva blessing. For example: Jupiter – Mahavisnu; Merkury – Ganesha, Venus – Durga. Who are the other Tattva Devatas for the Moon, Mars and Saturn, and what about Rahu and Ketu?


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    Om Gurave Namah!


    Tattva will be related to the five planets only. I  don’t think that luminaries and/or shadow planets will be included. The Tattvas are of five planets and they give rise to the Panchmahapurusha yogas when in their Swakshetra/MT/Exaltation. The luminaries are only light giving so technically even though Surya is Agni and Chandra is Jala but I think they represent the light aspect only.

    Devatas, I am not sure,Let us wait for Guru ji or ma’am to answer. I would assume from Sanatan Dharma Panch Devatas that the other two devatas would be Shiva and Brahma, but please verify this from learned people.



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    Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

    Tattva means principle,24 in number,truth[identity],real state.

    Mainly 5 which represents elementary properties.   which can be perceivable.

    Based on below  point 1. When we come to gross level what is told by suchitra is right. But with little correction sun and moon can be consider has graha’s. But by Rigveda 8 fundamental principles which helps in creating the universe is explained and was also mentioned by guru ji in subharambh. Based on them we can say sun and moon are luminaries.

    Now Tattva devata’s  are devata’s they are five which hold the main principle of tattva.

    please do not mix devata’s with grahas.

    i hope it will be helpful, if any correction pls let me know i can learn if i am also wrongly understand.

    point 1. what are 24 ?

    1. Prakrit, Nature (1)
    2. Mahat, the great principle (2)
    3. Buddhi, discriminating, reasoning and causative intelligence (2)
    4. Ahamkara, ego or ego-principle (3)
    5. Manas, the physical mind or brain (4)
    6. The five panchendiryas, sense organs (9)
    7. The five karmendriyas, the organs of action (14)
    8. The five tanmatras, subtle elements (19)
    9. The five Mahabhutas, gross elements namely the earth, water, air, fire and ether (24).

    Hare Rama Krishna.

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    Thank you for the responses! I understand what you are saying. Second part of my question is still open if anyone has an idea: who are the Tattva Devatas for Saturn and Mars (in case when these planets are in their own signs)?

    Best regards,

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    Hare Rama Krishna

    As per my notes…

    Tattva Devta – Pancha Tattva

    Prithvi – Ganesha (Me)

    Vayu – Rudra (Sa)

    Jala – Durga (Ve)

    Akash – Vishnu (Ju)

    Agni – Surya (Ma)




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