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    Om Guruve Namah

    Namaste Guruji

    Under Srsti, i have gone through Initiation. Under Upadesa 2. You has explained the way to meditate. I have got a few doubts on this.
    1. Thumb and ring finger to touch upper part of nostrils,  in between fingers on the trinetra, press the third eye if necessary.
    Does trinetra mean the space between the eyebrows?
    However under upadesa 3, index and middle finger should fold into palm.
    Which one to follow.
    2. Under Upadesa (1), we have to meditate first and then to do the japa. The meditation is time bound or number of cycle of breathing? how long or how much should I do? And while meditating, the mudra or position of the other hand – how it should be kept.
    3. I have understood Vyasa mrtyunjaya mantra as “Om jum sah Vyam Vedavyasaya Namah sah jum Om.
    Am I right?
    I know these questions are very basic, but I am doing this for the first time.
    Thank you

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