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Home Forums PJC Year-1 Rasi role of kaalpurush kundli…..

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    om guruve namah…

    mam !!

    As it is being taught by you that wherever lagna lord sits it tries to burn that house..                  Reason –  It carries the energy of Sun because in kaalpurush kundli Sun gets exalted in lagna

    Question – Why we compare every horoscope with kaalpurush ….. kaalpurush is having Aries lagna but everybody is not having same lagna..

    Example – Somebody having cancer lagna and moon sits in 5th house will try to burn 5th house as per you.. but moon is Jala tattva planet and cancer is also jala tattva then from where moon will carry that  heat ..??



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    Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

    Hi deepak,

    I try to put my understanding for the above question. lets wait for guru ji answers.

    Kalapurush is the like narayana and body parts of him and  in very lower terms his way of running the world and it is Sanatana.

    1.) Now the bava’s, and rashi’s are mapped in Kalapurush no difference. It is the individual births self coming from him and can be from any part of his body which we need to remember and which is creating difference.

    2.) As you know the Sun is the datha for all this world he has Savitr energy we can say in our terms for understanding. Due him the whole world is waking up and following the order what he has created and the karma’s also we are experiencing due to him (rashi) .

    3.) If you understand the Lagna concept then it will be give you good idea. Now combining all the 1,2 and 3 points you can come to a idea that even the moon has that power if he became the Lagna Lord it does not meant that it is changing his gunas and tattva etc. Always for any chart we should not forget the Sun and kalapurush because they are the source of this world. we need to always has to map to it. Based on Gana(1,2,3 etc) and rashi terms of kalapurusha we try to map the things. Gana has Ganesha and rashi is heap of karma’s.

    Hare Rama Krishna

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    Hare Rama Krishna

    In the recordings Guruji mentions that for understanding how person a or b is different there has to be a basic template to compare – and that template is Kalapurush. So if one is “aggressive” or “determined” …the question comes up “as against…?” and that means there is a need of a standard.

    This is my basic understanding based on what I heard. Just a caveat …Vedic knowledge operates at various level and there will be deeper meanings to this but I found this as a good simple starting point as explained by Guruji.



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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    still i am waiting  for guru ji or guruvi to come and throw some light on this…

    deepak p.

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    Sonal Jain  mentioned ““aggressive” or “determined” …the question comes up “as against…?” and that means there is a need of a standard”. THAT STANDARD is called ‘Desha-Kaala-Paatra’ in Jyotisha. Or in simpler words startdards vary based on the region, time and people/community.

    So we cannot have a fixed standard. What we call quite aggressive in Bengal is ‘Puppy’ in Delhi/Haryana. The real softness of Venus does not exist there. The softness of the Polish people as compared to the Vikings of North Europe is very different. 🙂

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