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    Om Gurave Namah!

    When a graha is Vakri, it is showing chesta bala or some rebellion w.r.t. karaka significations of the planet.How will we know for sure which karaka signification is the chesta bala applied , given the fact that there could be upto two houses some grahas own and each graha has multiple significations.

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    Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

    om gurave namah.


    My understanding based on the slides on motion of the planets explained by guru ji.

    1.) As graha significations.

    2.) As lord of the houses it owns.

    3.) As it is placed in the house.

    1.) Clue the house it is placed major.

    The below point is from my reasoning.

    2.) If the house in which retrograded planet is in dusthans from the own house it is not in comfortable position (internal attribute). If from moolatrikona it is on the planet duties.   

    Hare Rama Krishna

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    @kiran & suchitrakamath

    Can you please let me know in which lesson Guruji talks about Vakri planets ?. I’m a guy with 3 Vakri planets in my chart and obviously very curious about guruji comments on this 🙂



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      @naveen Ancha,


      If you go thru all the audios ( I think 36 MP3 files) in the Foundations, then one of the audios he speaks about Vakri. Hope that helps.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A


    Thanks. i went through them.

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