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This topic contains 6 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Sanjay Rath Jyotisa Guru 5 months, 2 weeks ago.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A


    I see lot of scandals coming out of Hollywood. Is this due to (Venus Debility + Mars Conjunction )?. Current Gochara.

    Venus + Mars indicate (Arts, Performance, competition etc ) if i’m not mistaken.



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    From Sarbani Ma’am’s lecture I can only recollect that Ve  is Ojas and Mars is action so a yuti of the two can indicate something noticeable in that domain. I feel whether it is positive (as in case of celibate monks, or scandalous as found in some notable people’s life) can be ascertained only when we have studied the complete chart.  It would be only unfair to label a person’s character due to the presence of one combination in their chart.

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      Can we actually study this combination thru real life chart examples?


      I wanted to edit my reply to add the above comment , but cant seem to figure out a way to edit the comment once I have posted a reply.


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    Naveen A
    Naveen A


    I agree that we should look at the individual charts and comment accordingly.

    I remember reading Guruji article about ( )

    In that article, Guruji mentions about combustion of Guru

    “The combustion of Jupiter, especially in Aquarius is a very auspicious time in the world as Lord Śiva awakens to look at the Gurus and spiritual people. It is a time of cleansing of the world. The Mahā Kumbha mela is being celebrated to commemorate this occasion and repeats every 12 years. Varahamihira speaks highly of this combustion of Jupiter saying that it shall rise after 13 days with renewed spiritual luster. These godmen who have tainted the beautiful Indian spiritual spectrum stand combusted by the third eye of Lord Śiva. The lord cannot tolerate sexual impurities in those who have chosen the spiritual path and in this manner he corrects them.
    Saturn adds to the woes of these godmen by demanding complete cleanliness when in Virgo, the purity sign. The Moon on March 2, 2010 was conjunct Saturn while on March 7 it was in Scorpio aspected by Saturn. The parivartana between Rāhu and Jupiter confirms that these scandals are true and even if the legal loopholes are exploited by them, the truth cannot change.

    This scandal also broke out around the same time when Sun, Venus & Mars in kanya(Purity )  and had combustion. So, I was asking Guruji , does this transit have any thing to with this cleansing.



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      Thanks for the details on Kumbh mela. I will await for Guruji to answer, but IM curious if Mars and Venus in Kanya could also indicate Rape? Kanya is for purity and aggression of Mars could indicate some compromise in that area?


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    Naveen A
    Naveen A


    Agree, I will wait for Gurji clarification.

    I believe Venus having good agni influence is a great thing. If we look at the “Marriage Ceremony” and it is performed with Agni and karaka for Marriage is Venus. Venus rules South East (Agneya ) and according to Vaastu (kitchen is also recommended in Agneya ).  I know Venus rules the Jala tatwa and Mars is Agni tatwa.

    In the kala chakra, Ma blocks Ve in South Eastern direction. If you check, Venus also exalts in Pieces (SE direction ).

    So, i will not consider Ve,Ma combination as negative. When Ma is Mercury house (The fight will be with words, paper ), Hence we are seeing lot of press coverage/aggressive coverage on these topics.


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    President Bill Clinton has Venus + Mars in Virgo, but with other combinations also for Cancer Lagna ….

    some women have made certain accusations.

    My answer “I don’t know” ‘at this stage of your jyotish course’

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