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This topic contains 7 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala kirankumar 5 months, 3 weeks ago.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    This discussion originally happened on Whatsapp and i’m trying to capture the details of the discussion here.

    Original Post started by “Prakash Kumar”

    Mars in 7th house= jack of all trades but master of none till 36th year.Is it true?

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Reply from GuruJi

    Go to and read about Mangalika dosha

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Reply from Nagu

    Buddy ! Only with one factor how can we judge like that ? For every combination possible in the zodiac there would be a great person born and a bad person born too.. 🙂.. there would be many factors to be considered r8..

    [1:33 AM, 10/29/2017] +91 97911 22955: Lord sri ram has the same..

    [1:34 AM, 10/29/2017] +91 97911 22955: What say now ?? 🙂

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Comments from SRK

    [1:39 AM, 10/29/2017] +44 7901 851608: I was just wondering if we could share information on the books we read and recommend to each other … on this group…
    With Sarbani madam’s permission?
    [1:39 AM, 10/29/2017] +44 7901 851608: I meant books on Vedic astrology.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Other comments


    ” Did u people complete all the slides available on pjc1 ?? I’m still going through them..
    There’s a lot in them itself and we haven’t had any discussions on that itself.

    Rahul Gupta

    Everyone is progressing at their speed. But webinars are structured to have everyone understand and get past their hurdles
    Yeah of course .. i was saying w.r.t books.. we got enough material to complete this year that going for books is far away thing..
    That is individual prerogative and time allocation

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Sonal Jain

    So basically two things. As long as Ma is in 2,7,4,8,12 Bhāva from Lagna and 1,7,4,8,12 from Mo the Mangalika dosha exists.
    The impact can be less or more based on other factors.
    The question is – a stronger Ma dilutes or strengthen the dosha.

    In 7th to Lagna Ma is marankarak and still causes strong Mangalika dosha (Lord Rama).
    On combustion I am not sure as we have not studied till now.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Kiran Kumar

    The concept of combustion as per my understanding,but not seen any charts. majorly it effect lordship not to the significations, jala tattwa planets get effected more, if retrogated no combustion interrior plantes like venus etc. The planet is merging into sole. It also effect the Graha dristi of planet based on antata-bahya and also nisargika karakatva.

    Magalik dosha
    : Strengths are different kinds and afflications make planet not to give good results, but it does not make planet week in that sence maranakaraka sthana is a afflication what i belive. And for any planet first is to see nature natural benfic and malfic. If strong they cannot change their nature. Nature get controled by aspects and conjuctions yogas etc. But for sani if it is week it is more problem. We need to see vedic remidies.

    Guru ji is very clear, when strengths and avastha is covered by him in comming years it will clarify lot of doubts.

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      Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

      As i do my regular daily study of the Vedic astrology i came across that venus when direct will not get combust as said earlier and you can find it in jhora software too. Once guru ji covers the combustion topic we get to know more clear idea.

      Anyway the Mars which is bahya planet will not get combust because as we remember the slides of motions of plant it will come into the category as vakra.

      Hare Rama Krishna

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