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This topic contains 7 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by Richard Aldous Mahu 4 months, 2 weeks ago.

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    Richard Aldous

    I have been reviewing again the tapes on Lord of Lagna in lagna and I have to say I am in awe of the insights; the schema for seeing attributes related to the positions from the lagna lord is amazing.I have long been looking for some explanation as to many dimensions of Parashara’s slokas on lordship; so hard to remember 144.

    I am however confused over the aspect of light on the 10th house. In some of the early slides on lagnesha, Guruji talks of the 4th house getting strong light ( so one can avoid slavery etc ) and the 10th house from lagnesha getting none ( fickle mind , mistakes etc) . However later on, he seems to imply something different. On the slide on Manas ” wherever Agni is placed is the seat of highest prayers” and the “10th ( from lagnesha) is the one which has the brightest rays and shines early”

    This seems to directly contradict the earlier slides.    This theme of benefits to the 10th from lagneshs occurs in a number of other places in the spoken words of the tapes.  “Success flows from the kendra to the Lagna lord,  so now we get benefits from the 10th house ( success)  and even 7th house which we earlier heard was cooling “.  I must be missing some thing here.

    Any light that you can shine ( please excuse the pun) on this issues of light and success and the 10 house from lagnesha, would be much appreciated.


    Richard Aldous


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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    good question

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    Richard Aldous

    It is clear that in the lecture on Bhavesha that Guruji appears to give two diferent view on this :

    • In Lagnesha lecture -slide 2 of 10 @15.00 mins the commentary is “ Laga lord behaves like Sy – maximum light is in 4th house ( protects agains slavery of grahas in the 4th ) , minimum light is 10th house (absence of light  causes poor decision making and fickle mind.
    • ( Lagnesha  slide 8 of 10 )   Slide says “10 th from lagna lord is  the one which shines early and has the highest rays” Commentary @ 10th from Lagna Lord is what he wants to do ( his karma yoga)  it is shining because it is the throne,  the throne of the lagna.  10 from lagna L is what he thinks is the the throne.

    Great if someone can resolve this for us.  Is 10th in the dark or the light.

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    Om Gurave Namah,

    How can tenth be dark? Surya gets digbala there so maximum light has to be there.


    Even in physical sense,  lagna is east and rises in morning, the tenth house rises in afternoon when Surya is on top of head  and the day is brightest.


    Hope this helps.

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    Om Gurave Namah, How can tenth be dark? Surya gets digbala there so maximum light has to be there. Even in physical sense, lagna is east and rises in morning, the tenth house rises in afternoon when Surya is on top of head and the day is brightest. Hope this helps.


    I cant edit the above post, but what I meant was Surya is in tenth in the afternoon, so the tenth house will have maximum light….


    When we are saying fourth house has light, it implies FOURTH HOUSE FROM LAGNA will rise when there is maximum light (during afternoon) which means FOURTH HOUSE FROM SURYA has risen and acquired light.. Otherviz Lagna lord in fourth house implies birth during midnight when there is NO LIGHT.. and therefore leading to fuzzy thinking etc, because there was no light of Surya…


    Hopefully this is clearer…


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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal


    one more thing…

    sarbani mam told in last webinar of lagnesa that it behaves like mars

    so it is another confusion whether lagna lord behaves like mars or sun ???

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    Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

    OM Gurave Namah,

    If understand sandhya’s of vedic astrology you can understand the whole concept.

    Hare Rama Krsna

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    Richard Aldous

    Thanks Cloeagues

    This is  still not clear to me, hopefully one or our teachers will go over it at some stage


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