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Home Forums PJC Year-1 Rasi lagnesha : in 4th house….

This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Deepak porwal deepak porwal 5 months, 1 week ago.

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    Om Guruve Namah….

    Topic : lagnesha full of heat and wherever sits try to burn that house….

    Question :  Parasara says in his sloka when lagnesha in 4th house then person will get happiness from mother and father ( Matra Pitra Sukhanvita)….. but actually it should destroy 4th house (mother) in the same way as in 5th house it destroy first child >>> Contradictory Fact..

    2. If lagnesha so bad then how it become benific (as lord of trines always benificial )

    deepak p.

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    Put the Sun in the 4th bhava

    Then it is MIDNIGHT. How much fire and light does it have in 4th bhava? Thats why with lagnesha in 4th bhava (HOME) native is like a little Ganesha always doing the circumbulations (parikrama) of Shiva and Parvati. A very good heart, he will be blessed by Vishnu and will always try to do good. Lagnesha is a benefic for he jataka and his heart is golden

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    @Jyotisa Guru

    guru ji…It is also near to mid night (When sun in 5th house )… but parasara strictly defined loss of first child

    not understood clearly….required some more input from you

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    guru ji pranam !!

    today i have heard bhavesha audio in your voice which implies :

    lagna lord in 4th : person will eat up all his property , mother will feel com-busted whenever you meet to him  ,  there will be fire in house & interesting thing is that as a lagna lord you will be cause of that fire.. >  whereas above you explained it as : native will be like ganesha and will always do the parikrma of his mother & father …

    so two different views have come from you as far as lagna lord in 4th house is concern @ which one to be followed and if both are correct then i need some more clarification on this..

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