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    Om Gurave Namah!


    In last webinar, we learnt that Lagnesa in 1H have tremendous energy of sun and it endows good health and immunity then if sun himself place alone in lagna would give those all benefits which is given by lagnesa himself. Specific questions are:


    1.lagnesa carries energy of the sun and wherever it is placed it eats up that house resources then why lagnesa in lagna favors intellect,good health and other signification but not in 5th and 9th house where sun is also karaka of those houses?

    2. In webinar it is being taught that 10th house from lagnesa gets less light of sun then, why 10th from lagnesa has brightest rays and shines early?

    3. Does lagnesa in any house eat up all significations shown by that bhava or specific just like material or spiritual signification? Sir, i think that if material is depleted then spiritual signification increases.

    Sorry for repeated again.

    pls clarify my doubts.

    Thanking you in anticipation

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    Sun is NOT KARAKA for 5th and 9th bhava …

    It is secondary or tertiary Karaka, maybe ….but the primary karaka for the kona bhava is Jupiter

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    Sun is PURE AGNI. Agni is His Adhi devata and Mahadeva-Shiva is pratyadi devata. Extreme energy and fire.

    It has ‘daha daha paca paca’ power. So in any bhava it will digest that bhava. It will simply eat it and then say ‘burrrrp’. And that bhava is destroyed, gradually. Only a good yoga with a kona lord activates the Jupiterian benediction that satisfies the lagnesha.

    Anyway, yogas gradually till year-3

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    If any Saumya graha who is already lord of kona bhava aspect over sun with kaam drashti and bhava also then it will give hope some extent.Ami right,Guruji?

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    Hare Rama Krishna

    Rawalji you mentioned

    2. In webinar it is being taught that 10th house from lagnesa gets less light of sun then, why 10th from lagnesa has brightest rays and shines early?

    There is some confusion around this point. When Lagna lord is in Lagna one of the attributes is “fickly minded” and the discussion sort of hints at it being so because 10th house gets less light. I am also not clear around this point as later on we see than Manas in 10th has strong light. Maybe we need to get more clarity on why Lagnesh in Lagna leads to fickle minded nature.


    Sonal Jain


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