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Home Forums PJC Year-1 Graha lagna lord : (In 5th ,4th & 1st) house comparative study

This topic contains 2 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala kirankumar 5 months, 1 week ago.

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    Om Guruve Namah….

    Namaste Mam !!

    as u told in webinar ( Lagnesha 1 & 2)

    1. lagna lord in 4th – mother’s longevity affected
    2.  lagna lord in 5th – first baby may dead
    3.  lagna lord in lagna – DEH SUKH BHAG  ( means person will have the blessing of sun & he will be happy health wise )
    4. Question : Once it is affecting my mother , father & children in 4th,9th & 5th house respectively then why it is blessing DEH SUKH BHAG to me actually when it is placed on lagna it should destroy (me/self) ….because it will utilize my own resources.

    Regards : Deepak P


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    Richard Aldous

    We must remember that if lord of lagna is in lagna then  by definition it is in its own sign.    This   beneficial in its on right for the house concerned. In lagna it is also in Kendra ( an Kona ) and for the non luminaries it gives rise to Mahapurush yoga :

    Only the non-luminaries, that is, any one of the five planets other than the Sun and the Moon, can give rise to a Panch Mahapurusha yoga by occupying any one of the two signs they own or by occupying their exaltation sign,

    These five planets i.e. Bu, Sk  Ma Gu and Sa give rise to  Bhadra yoga, Malavya yoga,<sup id=”cite_ref-3″ class=”reference”></sup>  Ruchaka yoga,<sup id=”cite_ref-4″ class=”reference”></sup>  Hamsa yoga <sup id=”cite_ref-5″ class=”reference”></sup>and  Sasa yoga respectively; they then exert a powerful influence that uplifts the person above the level of the ordinary.<sup id=”cite_ref-7″ class=”reference”></sup>


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      Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

      OM Gurave Namaha

      Lagna has more number of significations. The main is dhi shakti. And in longevity maters it is one of the most considerable point.

      Now Based on above point if lagna lord in lagna will give good longevity and helps to protect the bava by making awareness in his own ways. Since it also eat up the resources where it is placed, it can also give some problems based on the graha significations and other afflictions.

      ex: If sani is lagna lord in lagna, he will disturb the DEH SUKH BHAG by dryness or excessive labor, un-proper timings etc. But it can also help you in providing awareness on those above affairs and try to chose the methodology on his nature. If sani mediation, following traditional practices etc. If any benefice aspect is there it will be in right direction and prosperity is sure. Like that we need to think.

      It is not a perfect mathematics on judgement it needs viveka and guru guidance and your interest on the subject in spiritual direction and practice.

      Note : For each signification of the bava there is a link to the karaka of that signification and the house which also supports.

      ex: In the above  DEH SUKH BHAG karaka is jupiter/Moon and the house  which supporting factor is 4th nourishment etc.

      Hare Rama Krishna.

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