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    Saurabh Sinha
    Saurabh Sinha

    As explained in case of graha drishti of Rahu, as it’s always having retrograde motion. So the meaning of its 5th and 9th aspect are actually having opposite meaning.

    1)Will the same also applies to other grahas when they are in retrograde motion?

    2)Will the counting of houses getting graha drishti also changes accordingly?

    3) To see the actual effect of graha drishti, can we take 4 pada and 3 pada drishti which are actually strong or we have to take 2 pada drishti also?

    4) As per my understanding,  in times of facing difficulties with the significations of a house, net benefic graha drishti saves us. But if the net graha drishti on a house is malefic then we will not be able to come up. If my understanding is correct, then how to apply this on a chart. For example in case of 4th house, if the net graha drishti is malefic, then during times of difficulties one might have to face sadness. How to apply the same in case of 9th house?

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    For other Graha RETRO MOTION is like WALK BACKWARDS

    For Rahu RETRO Motion is walking forward

    So it is different

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    Saurabh Sinha
    Saurabh Sinha

    Thank you Guruji for the reply regarding the retrograde motion.

    Please clarify about question 3 & 4 also.

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