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    Naveen Ancha to SarbaniJi

    Here is my understanding on the 11th house and Vayu rashis. Please correct me. I can’t access the forum and I’m posting here to continue the discussion on the Vayu rashis.

    1. When we look at the natural Zodiac and impose the Dharma, Ardha, Kama, Moksha trikonas
    ⁃ The Agni signs will indicate the Dharma kona (1,5,9)
    ⁃ The Pridhvi signs indicate the Ardha Kona (Wealth ) (2,6,10)
    ⁃ The Vayu signs indicate the Kama (Desire ) (3rd, 7th, 11th )
    ⁃ The Jala Signs indicate the Moksha (4,8,12)
    2. When we study more closely
    ⁃ Agni signs are always opposite to Vayu signs
    ⁃ Pridhvi signs are always opposite to Jala Signs
    ⁃ Hence the saying Businessmen(Ardha, Pridhvi dominant) focused people may not get moksha
    ⁃ Similarly Vayu signs are Opposite to Agni signs
    ⁃ If we look at Shani & Rahu (Vayu ), they get exaltation in the Vayu signs only (Thula & Mithuna )
    3. Vayu also indicates longevity
    ⁃ As long as you breathing, you are alive
    ⁃ When vayu tatwa is not strong, Vayu grahas are in bad shape, afflicted, there is a threat to longevity.
    ⁃ We need Parama Shiva blessing for the longevity.
    ⁃ Vayu rashi (natural 7th house) is also Jaya Bhava and Sukracharya (Sukra ) is given with the “Maha Mrityunjaya “ mantra from Parama Shiva
    4. Shani is known to have Khumba rashi (Natural ) 11th house as his mula trikaona (Office )
    ⁃ From the natural 11th house, the 10th(Karma )from it is 8th house (Ila Rashi)
    ⁃ The 8th house is the house of Longevity. So, when Shani’s job is calculating your longevity. (Shani is Ayushkaraka)
    ⁃ Similarly we need to calculate the Mulatrikona for every graha based on where the mulatrikona sthana is
    ⁃ For Ex: Rahu has the Mula Trikona in Kanya Rashi, so 10th from Kanya is Saggitarius (Anti-zodiacal movement of Rahu & Ketu )
    ⁃ Rahu Job is to disrupt the Dharma (Saggitarius ). Hence the 9th house is the MKS for Rahu
    ⁃ Ketu Job is making a person not getting involved in too much of 3rd house activity.
    5. Every house has the good and bad. The same concept applies to the 11th house
    ⁃ 11th house is 6th from the 6th
    ⁃ if 6th house indicates you enemies and their weakness and 11th house indicates your own weakness
    ⁃ So satwa guna pagantes in the 11th house & strong aspecting is always good (Guru, Surya, Chandra ) (Hare Rama Krishna )
    ⁃ On the positive side, this is Labha House (11th from the Lagna )
    ⁃ It is 2nd from the 10th house (The 2nd from any house is “Hari” Sthana (Sustenance). Maha Vishnu is helping(Sustaining ) you & your karma from this sthana )
    ⁃ So , if a Rajasik, Tamasik planet is here in the 11th, we need to get “Maha Vishnu” support from our inner demons and sustaining our good karma.
    ⁃ This way, we can see the other house positive & negative implications for the 11th house. (Ex: 11th house is 12th from the 12th house, so can be loss of sleep and the same way, 12th is 2nd from 11th house can be feeding the 11th house/house activities?. )
    6. Coming back to Vayu rashis,
    ⁃ Desire of the person(Lagna) is in the 7th house from Lagna
    ⁃ That is the reason Rahu (Master of Desire ) gets Digbala 7th house
    ⁃ Every human Desires to live forever , hence the Shani Digbala in the 7th house ?. I’m not sure here
    ⁃ Shani is associated with large industries and 7th house is house of business (Hence the exaltation and digbala )?.
    ⁃ Desire with positive focus can cause the Growth (7th house , business etc )
    ⁃ Positive can be interpreted Dristi from Jupiter & Satwa planets, exaltation.
    ⁃ When the Desire is tied to Dharma (For ex: Desire to perform good activities for the benefit of society is a good thing ) that desire can be positive.
    ⁃ Desire is not wrong and but that desire is towards the destruction/spoiling things is bad.
    ⁃ The same applies to Ardha (Wealth), when the wealth is earned with proper Dharma it is not bad.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Namaste Guruji:

    Thank you for resetting the password and i was able to login. Sorry that you have to create the post all over again.

    This forum looks more clean and lot more options.



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    [11:51 AM, 10/31/2017] Theodore Naicker: If I remember correctly, Aquarius represents natural 11th bhāva. This is natural badhaka for everyone. Also, we learnt yesterday in webinar that 11th bhāva is ultimate desire, maximum scope of desire, desire on a larger level (11th bhāva is 5th from 7th bhāva of maximum desire), which I think means unchecked desires, or desires that keep our mind restless wanting more and more.
    [11:52 AM, 10/31/2017] Theodore Naicker: I think this is why Rāhu has lordship there, as it can represent very strong desires that unchecked can block or delude the mind.
    [11:54 AM, 10/31/2017] Theodore Naicker: If Aquarius is also about innovation in thinking and frontier knowledge (Shatabhisa nakshatra), then Rāhu most likely is the one that can take the mind to borderlands of normal thinking (can be for good or bad motive).
    [11:56 AM, 10/31/2017] Theodore Naicker: Shani has mulatrikona in Kumbha rashi, his work involves using the things and desires with which we delude ourselves and block our minds. I think we have to put a lot of effort to work on that and manifest for positive use in society…?
    Theo Naicker

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    Naveen, Can you do this for your group…when you have a little time? Just copy those long questions and post them here…keep the questions in a topic or create a new topic. Can you create topics or the forum does not allow that?

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Sure Guruji. Let me check and post the Other threads as well.


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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    From Prakash Kumar on this Topic

    “Namastey sir, in kaal purusha kundali, 7th house has Tula rashi which is balanced vayu tatwa Rashi and show Period of sun set. So I think without light and vayu tatwa planet energy be get controlled here very precisely”

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    From Nagu on this topic

    Thats very nice Theo.. good analysis. Until now i was just thinking kujattara ketu shaniottara Rahu. Scorpio has dual lordship of Mars , Ketu and same way for Aquarius Saturn and Rahu. Didn’t think this deep 👍

    Though we have dual ownerships for Scorpio and Aquarius.. we need to see who is stronger of those 2.

    [11:31 PM, 10/30/2017] Exalted Saturn in deep combustion in 9th house. But sun and Saturn in different nakshtra.
    [11:34 PM, 10/30/2017] +91 97911 22955: Exalted saturn combustion meaning sun is also there which means saturn and sun are in thula which is neecha of sun. Can neecha sun also produces its combustion effect on the planet ?

    [1:57 AM, 10/31/2017] +91 97911 22955: I actually want to know how u guys are thinking of the word desire/ kama . For me its bit confusing. Every planet has a desire .. if it has a dristi it means it either wants to give good/bad effects to that house. Cause always preceeds effect. Similarly all planets have desire and the effect is different for each planet.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Sarbani Ji on this topic

    Theo maximum desire is 7th house. The fulfillment of that desire is the 5th therefrom, which is the 11th house.

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Theo comments continued

    In middle of Gemini is Ardra nakshatra (rudra), in middle of Libra is Svāti nakshatra (vAyu), in middle of Aquarius is Shatābhisa nakshatra (varuNa) – in middle/core of all airy signs is Rahu-associated nakshatras, desire impulse is high…?

    That is the way I have convinced myself vayu tattva is associated with desire. this is of course not coming from the evolution of panchatattvas as per upanishad descriptions. to that level of question, i wait for light from our gurus. 🙏

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      @naveen Ancha, Good to know your analysis, but may I ask why have you concluded that Vayu tattava alone is for desire? Prithvi tattva also deals with business and mundane commerce , the goal of which is always making profit. Is that not desire?

      Also, desire of doing good things related to dharma(say agni tattva),  is also desire. I am leaning more towards that there is a desire in all grahas. The desire could be mundane/material or inclined towards dharma. A ‘good’ desire is a desire nevertheless. Only mokshakaraka Ketu has no desire, because he has no head/no eyes.

      Please correct me if my understanding is wrong


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    Naveen A
    Naveen A


    You are correct and right on point.

    A desire is a desire whether it’s positive or negative. As per my understanding, desire of a house can be seen 7th from it.

    In natural zodiac, the head is from Aries and these desires can be based on

    1. Manah (Mind ), moon
    2. Magna (Head, intelligence )
    3. Soul level (AK)


    So, when we see the desire, the 7th house is Vayu and also falls into Kama trikona. Rahu is the master of desire and hence gets the digbala in that house.

    Other question about Saturn & Why he gets digbala in 7th house, i don’t know and hoping guru can clarify this doubt.


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