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    Namaste mam I have doubt about planet getting digbala
    1.Saturn and rahu getting digbala in 7 house, can we apply like this. If Saturn sitting in 12th house and 12th house is 7th house for 6th house, being a karmakaraka Saturn get digbala for 6th house and if that person work under someone he will get good opportunities in working place. Mam in webinar you told that, in 12th house Saturn acts like narayana. Narayana is a protector and Saturn acts like protector and giving digbala for 6th house.
    2.If a person have 5th house rahu, the person have mantra Shakti or good memory of mantra. 11th house indicates guru upadesha,from 11th house 5th house is 7th house their rahu gets digbala and the person gets good memory of manta or teachings of guru.
    3.if Saturn in 11th house it gives digbala for 5th house. 5th house indicates childerns and has guruji told that for a guru even students are like children, then they are also get digbala form guru. mam like guruji and in your chart both of you have Saturn in 11th house. wise if a person have 5th house Saturn, it is 7th form 11th. So the 11th house gets digbala of Saturn and they get guru upadesha in the period of Saturn or they even get entre in entertainment field their they get digbala of Saturn, because 3, 7, 11th houses are kamatrikona and guruji told that natural 11th house kumba rashi also indicate entertainment.
    Mam I have these doubts. if something worng please guide me. Thank you
    your obedient student

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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    Namaste ,

    7th house from Saturn does not get digbala….. It is Saturn which gets digbala only in 7th house..

    so if a person having saturn in 7th house , 7th house relates with social life also during dasha of digbala saturn he may enter in a social field & if other factor permits like strong 4th & 5th house he may enter into politics..likewise we can corelate

    still i will wait for guru ji’s comment..

    Regards : Deepak Porwal


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    Ok sir thank you for giving clarification on my doubt

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    Srinivas Kiran Kumar Pamidimukkala

    Om Gurave namah

    digbala is a concept needs to see from lagna. directions are from lagna.

    Hare Ram Krishna

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    Hi @kirankumarBhagyalakshmi

    I think the original author asked a very good question and it sparked lot of thoughts in my mind. When we look for Digbala, why we have to see from Lagna ?.

    If we are looking for intelligence & self , we look at the Lagna. When we look at the food & family, we examine from the 2nd house.

    Why can’t we take digbala for the 2nd house. For Ex: Jupiter in 2nd house, he may not be in Digbala for Lagna, But he is in Digbala for the 2nd house, correct?.

    When we examine the various houses, why can’t we take digbala factors ?.


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    Deepak porwal
    deepak porwal

    @ naveen

    digbala means – directional strength  ( so means in a particular direction ) not in every house

    as per my understanding

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    Om Gurave Namah,

    @bhagyalakshmi and @NaveenAncha

    Does not Digbala mean directional strength? Why are we giving so much importance to the house here? The references are from lagna because lagna represents the sign rising on east. If we say Shani gets digbala in 7H g, then is it not because Shani is stronger in West direction?

    In the context when you are saying Jupiter in 2H is not said to be in Digbala , with reference from 2H, is it not , because 2H is not the starting point? Starting point is the lagna which is the beginning of the Jataka. 2H wont even exist if lagna is not there. Counting has to begin from lagna….

    Not sure if I am missing something here..but the question itself of digbala arising from any other house is very confusing for me…

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    Naveen A
    Naveen A

    @suchitrakamath @deepak porwal

    I agree Digbala== Directional Strength. But is it from the Lagna only or can it be seen from everywhere.

    For example, We see the Dharma of a person from the 9th house from lagna. In the same way, 6th house (Stomach ) dharma is 9th from the 6th (which is 2nd ) house.

    So, Dharma of the Stomach is demanding the food and 2nd house is responsible for fulfilling the Dharma of the hose.

    My Argument is When we are seeing Dharma of individual houses, why can’t we see the properties /Digbala related to that particular house. Why digbala has to be from lagna ?. Is it because of the Buddhi only ?.

    The same example, 11th house is the house of gains(Fruits ). If we look 11th(Labha ) from the 7th house(Marriage ) is 5th house (Children ). So children (5th house) is the gain from Marriage,

    For Ex: take the 6th house from the above original question.

    We need to examine (All these before making final judgement of the house )

    • Who is the lord of 6th house and status
    • What planet(s) are in  the 6th house?.
    • Who is the karaka for the 6th house (in this case shani ), How this karaka placed in the horoscope.
    • who is aspecting the 6th house

    Shani is karaka for the 6th house and being in 12th, he is in digbala w.r.t 6th house matters (please mind i’m not talking about lagna here ). SO , can we say, he/she will have a Servants/subordinates ?.. I mean we have to see lot of other factors as well as i have mentioned above.

    Like He may be in service oriented, or in service of others and having pets etc. 6th house is house pf pets as well.



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      Om Gurave Namah!

      @naveen Ancha

      What you are writing about is the Bhavat Bhavam principle and applies to bhavas. The digbala is of directions .Lets think of this as a static axis with East on top and other directions accordingly drawn on  a plane. Its a matter of which graha occupies the position which makes it stronger.  For example Mercury is strong in east direction .We are not talking of house at all here, but only directions.

      Counting HAS to begin from lagna, because lagna is the starting point of a jataka. If there is no lagna, there is no horoscope. Even the Lagna Lord comes into play only once we have a lagna, so what to talk about other houses. How can you count till 2 or 6 or any other number unless you start your count from 1?

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    Hare Rama Krishna

    Reading on the various types of Bala (Shadbala) a Graha gets may help clear  confusion. Placement in a sign is Sthana bala (exaltation etc) placement in a house (from lagna) is Dig Bala…here the concept of lagna being similar to sunrise will apply (also the four Gayatri). I guess in future PJC we will learn about these in detail.



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    Digbala can be seen not only from the Lagna but also from various other important lagna’s such as Chandra Lagna, Arudha lagna, Pranpada, GL, HL etc. I think we will be reading more on them in the due course.


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    Does the retrogression of digbala planet gives the same result as direct placement. For. e.g Sani in 7th house from Lagna is in Digbala. What happens if it is Retrograde for Makara or Kumbha lagna (which are his own signs) or any other sign in Lagna? Will it alter the strength of Sani? If anyone can please shed a light on this; it will be really good though retrogression is the topic we are yet to cover.

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