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Home Forums PJC Year-1 Nakshatra Bhavesha- Lagnesha in 2nd H

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    Om Gurave Namah!

    Yesterday’s webinar, we said Lagnesha in 2H could lead to many secret relationships. How do we study this further? Specific questions are

    1. How many secret relationships?
    2. Are they concurrent or one after another?
    3. Is the secrecy due to real inability to make it public or  is it just to protect self image and keep others in dark?
    4. Also Lagnesha in 2H is said to be honorable so how do we reconcile the above factors with it?
    5. How to conclude if one of the secret relationships will be socially acceptable at some point of time?
    6. If the lagnesha is a Sattavic planet like Moon then does that mean anything better in terms of person’s character than if the lagnesha was Tamasic like Shani?
    7. Does condition of Guru indicate overall character of the person?

    I am studying some charts where I believe there are secret relationships..and persona is honarable(!) so want to study this deeper.


    All responses appreciated,




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    1. Number of amsha cleared by dispositor i.e. 2nd lord. If in yogas then multiply, if having any yoga of Ketu then sudden end to all relationships. Guru yoga only legitimate …like this
    2. 🙂 See 7H and darapada (advanced topics)
    3. No it is really to PROTECT the other person – making a sacrifice of oneself if necessary. Chivalrous
    4. Will live up to family expectations and can make sacrifice for others
    5. Guru drsti
    6. Moon in 2H is in Leo …whereas Shani in 2H is in own sign like Aquarius or in beautiful pure Pisces. Now which is better? I don;t know – you think. Look at chart of say Jayendra Saraswati with Cp Lagna and Sat in 2H…Now what can you say?
    7. Guru gives wisdom and wisdom overcomes many negatives. Also need to see navamsa

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