Bhāvas – the houses

In Vedic astrology, the natal chart is the bhāva chakra (Sanskrit: chakra, ‘wheel’.) The bhava chakra is the complete 360° circle of life, divided into houses, and represents our way of enacting the influences in the wheel. Each house has associated karaka (Sanskrit: karaka,’significator’) planets that can alter the interpretation of a particular

House Name Karakas Meanings
1 Lagna Sun outer personality, physique, health/well-being, hair, appearance, taste
2 Dhana Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon wealth, family relationships, eating habits, speech, eyes, death
3 Sahaja Mars natural state, innate temperament, courage, valor, virility, younger
4 Sukha Moon inner life, emotions, home, property, education, mother, open friends
5 Putra Jupiter creativity, children, spiritual practices, punya
6 Ari Mars, Saturn acute illness, injury, open enemies, litigation, daily work, service
7 Yuvati Venus, Jupiter business and personal relationships, marriage, spouse, war, fighting
8 Randhara Saturn length of life, physical death, chronic illness, deep and ancient
traditions, transformations
9 Dharma Jupiter, Sun luck, fortune, spirituality, dharma, guru, father, touch
10 Karma Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn dream fulfillment, knees, karma, career, sky and
organizations, eyesight
11 Labha Jupiter gains, profits from work, ability to earn money, social contexts, secret friends, hearing
12 Vyaya Saturn loss, intuition, imprisonment, foreign travel, mokṣa (emancipation),
secret enemies, sleep, smell

Slide Presentations

Understanding the effect of the Bhāva placement of a planet. Importance of the exact degree of longitude of the planet relative to the bhāva madhya. Understanding the effect of the 30° as thirty tithī with 15 preceding degrees being the śukla pakṣa and the 15 succeeding degrees being the kṛṣṇa pakṣa. Bhāva saṅdhi is like amāvāsya. Effect of Bhāva Lagna relative to lagna.